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Vault Grab Bag (20-30 Bows)

Vault Grab Bag (20-30 Bows)

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A grab bag like NEVER before! 20-30 bows including ANYTHING from the VAULT (subs, mommy styles, clips, hats, scrunchies, add-ons, etc) all bundled up into an EPIC grab bag for $39.99.  That's a 98% DISCOUNT!!! WHAT?!?!? 

Score PAST SUBS, NEVER RELEASED ITEMS, Hats at a 90% discount and MORE!

(all grab-bag sales are final.  This is a random selection of previously released add-ons, so please be aware that you may receive a duplicate of a bow you had previously purchased.  If this happens, don't worry!  These bows make great gifts for friends or you can always offer it for sale/trade in the OBC Mama Talk Facebook group ;) https://www.facebook.com/groups/OBCMAMATALK/ )