Mamapreneur Feature

June 2019

Mamapreneur Feature of the Month: Andrea Landry of Landry Baby Bling


Babies love textures, and when they’re teething they love anything to chomp on. But soft bouncy silicone?? Oh yeah, that’s where it’s at!  Whether baby has teeth coming in under the gumline or teeth are already through but just growing and itching, I’ve got a product that will soothe those itchy gums.

I’m Andrea, owner and founder of Landry Baby Bling. I am a stay at home mom turned into a work at home mom and I couldn’t love it any more! I am a step-mom to a 13yr old, and a mother to 3 kids plus one on the way. At ages 4, 2, and 16 months, they constantly keep me busy on my feet.

Before my youngest was born, I wanted to get a couple silicone teethers for her in preparation. However, everything looked generic and nothing really caught my eye, so I bought one of those DIY kits off Etsy where I could make 3 or so different teethers. I made the ones I could with the kit, and then it got me thinking…

It definitely sparked the light bulb to look into something bigger, something I could do with my “spare time” <hah> but more importantly something I could do to help bring in some money to help my husband with our family’s expenses. Plus, I have always been crafty and loved using my imagination using crafting as an outlet. This hobby quickly turned into a small business, it felt like it took off overnight. Here I am a little over a year later with 450+ likes and over 500 transactions later, and I never imagined it would do as well as it has.

All my products are custom made to order by yours truly with quality certified materials. All silicone is non-toxic food grade safe, free of all that icky stuff like BPA’s, PVC, phthalates, lead and cadmium. All wood is all-natural beechwood treated in all-natural coconut oil to preserve the life of the wood. Every bit and piece of my creations are handmade by me, so I can guarantee quality of craftsmanship as well. I also do offer more than just teethers, but my main products sold are my silicone/wooden teethers.

So how do you know which one you need? Silicone is mainly for massaging sore gums, but most babies love to just chew and chew and chew on them. The wooden products are mainly to help baby cut those painful teeth as they gnaw away to breakthrough the gumline.