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What's so special about Olivia's Bow Club?

What’s so special about Olivia’s Bow Club?

We’re glad you asked! Olivia’s Bow Club makes truly one-of-a-kind bows for one-of-a-kind girls. We always use the absolute best quality materials that are designed for comfort and we employ mamas at every turn that we can. We want your little babes to have a one-of-a-kind style, so our bows are exclusive and limited quantity – Once a bow box is shipped out, those bows will never be made again! We also love to break out of the ordinary and offer something new. Instead of 3 bows of the same style, we give you 3 completely different styles – Each month you’ll receive 1 Classic Bow, 1 Top Knot, and 1 Specialty Bow. Lastly, our bows are worn by girls of all ages. Whether your little baby is 3 months old, 12 years old, they’re going to look classy, adorable, and stylish. They even look so cute on us Mamas!


How does it work?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to have the perfect accessories for your little lady!

Step 1: Decide if you would like your classic and specialty bows to be affixed to “one-size fits all” stretchy nylon headbands or alligator clips (top knot headwraps are always made of stretchy jersey knit or nylon).

Step 2: Get excited when you see that special email with your tracking number on it!  Our bows ship the last week of every month and will be delivered to your door just in time to enjoy them for the following month (For example, December bows ship November 28th so you can enjoy their Christmas theme all of December).

Step 3: Rock those bows little lady! We know your little miss will be O so excited to receive her pretty pink package in the mail… So excited that she may be wearing a bow before they make it all the way to the house!

What types of bows will I get each month?

Each month, you will recieve 3 styles of bows:

  • 1 Classic Bow in your choice of a stretchy nylon headband or clip
  • 1 Top Knot Head Wrap, made with either stretchy nylon, or super soft adjustable jersey knit
  • 1 Specialty Bow in your choice of stretchy nylon headband or clip

All bows are available in your choice of “headband” style, or “clip” style. If you choose the clip style, the Classic Bow and Specialty Bow will be changed to a clip, but the Top Knot Head Wrap will remain the same.

How can I see this month's bows?

Easy peasy! Just go to This Month’s Bows and you’ll see tons of cute photos showcasing this month’s bow styles. We update this page around the 10th of each month to show the upcoming month’s styles.

Can I buy a previous month's bows?

Our bows are designed to be one-of-a-kind and are handcrafted by moms in our community, so we only carry a limited quantity each month.  They will not be repeated or available for purchase after the month is over.  Once those bows are sold out, they are gone for good, so get your hands on them while they last!

When do I have to order buy to ensure that I get that month's box?

You must order by the 26th to ensure that you get that month’s box.

Can I switch between the headbands and clips each month? How do I?

Absolutely!  Your subscription can be changed at any time by logging into your account. Here’s how to switch your bow type:

  1. Go to your account
  2. Go to the “My Subscriptions” section and click “View” next to your current Bow Club Subscription.
  3. You will see several details about your subscription. In the section “Subscription Totals”, click the button that says “Change Bow Type”
  4. Select the bow type you want to switch to, and click “Sign Up Now”
  5. You will now see a checkout form, along with a notice that this subscription will replace the existing subscription and the date the next payment will be charged. Your price will not go up, unless you switch to a Pigtail Set, which is $5.00 more
  6. Complete the checkout form. After completing, you will be redirected to the “Order Received” page, displaying details about your subscription update

You’re good to go!


When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged each month on the 15th. You will not be charged for your second month & put on that billing cycle until after you receive your first set.

How can I update my credit card information?
  1. Navigate to your account
  2. Click Subscriptions on the left hand side
  3. Select the View button next to your subscription
  4. Select the Change Payment button
What payment methods do you accept?

We accept both Paypal and Credit/Debit Card orders from the following merchants: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners, Maestro, and JCB.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

We don’t like to be “tied down” to anything, so we don’t expect you to either!  You can pause or cancel your subscription at ANY TIME. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to your account
  • Click Subscriptions on the left hand side
  • Select the View button next to your subscription
  • Select Cancel or Suspend (Pause). To reactivate a Paused/Suspended subscription, just come back to this same spot and click Reactivate.

You must cancel or suspend before your next month’s billing, so please be aware of when you are charged each month.


When are the boxes shipped?

Bow Boxes are shipped between the 25-28th of each month.

How long will it take to get my bows?

Once shipped, your bows will arrive within 2-5 business days (if you are within the United States).

What shipping carrier do you use?

We use USPS First Class Shipping.

What are the shipping rates?

Shipping is always $3.00! You will never pay more than that – If you purchase an item from Olivia’s Bowtique, the shipping costs will be factored into the item price.

International Orders

International Orders of bow subscriptions cost a flat rate of $6.00 to ship. All items from Olivia’s Bowtique include FREE shipping.

How can I track my order?

Just navigate to your account, and you will see an order tracking form at the bottom.

How can I update my shipping address?
  1. Navigate to your account.
  2. Select “Addresses” from the left hand side.
  3. You will see an edit button next to both your billing and shipping addresses. Edit your shipping address.
  4. Before you click SAVE, you will see a checkbox asking if you want to “update your address on all active subscriptions”. CHECK THIS BOX. (This is crucial!)


What is Olivia's Bowtique?

Olivia’s Bowtique is our fun shop filled with Olivia’s monthly favorites. Each month, Olivia’s featured outfits, add-on bows and accessories will be available in the bowtique for purchase. Bow Club members will have access to special discounts on all items in the bowtique. Please note that ALL BOWS in the bowtique are handcrafted by our team in the US, but clothing and accessories are not made by OBC and their country of origin may vary. If you have a question as to the origin of a specific item please contact us.

When will my products from the bow boutique ship?

If you are a subscriber, we will ship your Bowtique items with your next bow box. If you want it sooner, contact us.

If you are not a subscriber, we will ship your items within 2 business days.


Can I exchange my monthly bows for a different style?

Because of the special time and effort it takes to craft each set of bows, we can not exchange them for a different style. If you have received your bows on headbands and would like clips in the future months, please login to your account and change your style preferences.

How do I return an item/receive a refund?

All sales are final except for our items from Olivia’s Bowtique. If one of your bows is damaged or you need to return an item from the Bowtique, please Contact us.

Help! My bows arrived damaged.

We take special care to package all of our bows very carefully.  If your bows are damaged in transit, please contact our team ASAP HERE and we will ship you a replacement set.


How do I purchase a subscription box as a gift?

It’s super easy! Just go to the gift subscription page here. You will be prompted to choose the bow type and duration of the gift subscription. Upon checkout, enter your billing address. You will be prompted to enter details for your recipient, and to choose where you’d like your complimentary gift bow sent. The complimentary gift bow comes with gift subscriptions for FREE and is a prepackaged, adorable bow that’s ready to give to your recipient! If you want to give them their bow in person BEFORE they receive their subscription, enter your own address.

For the duration of the gift subscription, you will be billed monthly on the date that you first purchased.

I have a promo code. How do I use it?

In your cart, you will see an option for entering a discount code, right under the items in your cart. Enter it there and click “Apply Coupon”. The discount will be applied to your order and you will see the discount in the “Cart Totals” section.